Estate Planning

What Can A Will Do For You?

A will can give you control, as opposed to the state deciding, what happens to your assets after you die.  You can name a guardian for your minor children, you can name a Personal Representative to distribute your assets and pay estate debts and assign how much power they will have, you can give special bequests to certain loved ones and determine who gets what of your assets, you can disinherit someone, you can signify your burial requests, you can provide for pets after your death, and you can give to charities or religious organizations.

When Do You Need To Update A Will?

If you marry, divorce, give birth, or adopt a child, you need to update your will in order to make sure it is not revoked due to the change of circumstances.  If you have new assets that were not mentioned in the former will, you will want to update it also to reflect who is to receive those assets.

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